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How business events firm Property Support Network is building stronger communities

Following a buy-out by Finanze Group, ambitious property entrepreneur network PSN is providing high-calibre, localised expertise and training across UK like never before

The Property Support Network (PSN) - a business community dedicated to reinventing networking - has taken a significant step towards realising its vision of industry-leading business education events after being purchased by Finanze Group.

In its fresh guise, PSN is pushing to modernise and enhance support for entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journeys - producing a revitalised, nationwide programme of training and networking functions with the best local experts booked for each city.

Entrepreneurs in property, finance, lending and construction can gain insight and meet fellow professionals across the network - with a catalogue of corporate gigs designed to “up the ante” in business support.

The new PSN leadership team is steered by Trish McGirr - who is already collaborating with Finanze founder Alastair Hoyne on similarly forward-thinking business education platform Finanze Success.

The focus of every PSN event will be on delivering sessions starring high-calibre contributors that go further than simple presentations and actually engage with audiences on a personal level - helping entrepreneurs get started from scratch or scale up at speed.

Trish says initial interest in the firm’s programme - both from members and speakers - has been “phenomenal”.

“When the opportunity came around to buy PSN, it was an absolute no-brainer,” Trish explained.

“We saw what PSN was trying to do and knew we could help realise its potential. After conducting talks with the founder Kal Kandola, it was clear the firm was a perfect fit for the Finanze family.

“We love and support quality business education as our work with Finanze Success shows. So, instead of giving our members the same speakers they’ve seen touring around the country countless times, we’re serving up hosts and ambassadors for specific cities: People who have built their businesses in the same area and are happy to share their local success stories.

“Every event will have a themed approach - beginning with gatherings in Manchester, Birmingham and London. After that, we’ll look to expand into other cities and keep building the kind of business community that gives members guidance that really helps them in their career, whatever stage they may be at.”

Plans for the new-look network - which is designed to be as accessible as possible - include the introduction of low-cost options for members such as season tickets and discounts, as well as bonuses and joining incentives.

Working alongside Trish McGirr is Steve Hanham as Operations Director and Emily Shepperson as Community Director.

PSN founder Kal Kandola and Finanze founder Alastair Hoyne will continue to support the firm together as Ambassadors.

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About The Property Support Network

The Property Support Network (PSN) was formed to bring professionals together to help and support each other in all aspects of their Property and Business lives.

In order to achieve this, PSN has moved away from the traditional style of networking events and instead bring educational events with real experts from property and finance.

PSN was purchased by Finanze Group Ltd in 2023 and operates as a subsidiary of this larger firm.



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